Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sewing for little girls

Wow still sewing! I have had so much fun creating these little outfits. However the real fun has been giving them away. I think I am actually getting a bit better the more I do. I have guessed a lot but seems to have worked. The top two skirts are dress-up skirts, made from tulle. I made one for my precious granddaughter Cassie; had a bit of tulle left over so made the other for a little friend. The rose set has been made up for my nephews daughter Isabella.

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  1. Sharyn -- these are just love lovely -- I sewed all the time myself -- making my own clothes, maternity clothes and then my daughter's clothes. Somehow I lost interest as work took over my life -- LOL Hoping that when I retire I can get that machine dusted and used again!