Thursday, December 29, 2011

No sew Blanket

Yay no sew! How cool is that. Okay I know...a lot of my family and friends LOVE to sew. Not me ..although I can and have in the past sewn some great things, I have never been able to feel passionate about sewing. So when I discovered this idea it really sparked my interest. I have since found out that this idea has been around a long time..mmm never mind it is now back and I love how these turn out. Also been told that they last for years! Hope so.
This is how it is done. Take two pieces of fleece fabric (make sure selvege or whatever it is called is cut away) the same size. A plain colour and a print work well. Lay them back to back, cut a five inch square from each corner. Cutting this away ensures a nice finish. Then cut one inch wide x 5 inch long strips along each side. Then tie two strips together along each side untill all strips are tied.(a colour and a print strip together)I used a version of a balloon knot (same knot you use when tying balloons) it lays bit flatter than just tying together. Be sure not to pull it too tight.
As it is summer here, there is not a lot of choices in the patterned fleece..must remember to look in the fabric stores when winter arrives.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home made laundry soap

Well here I am again ..almost the start of a new year. We have so many blessings to give thanks and praise to God for. One blessing is being able to share my creative side with family and friends. Today I learnt how to make homemade laundry soap. This was thanks to all the people that pin things on a site called It is an awesome site with a wealth of shared ideas and knowledge.
Here are some pics of my efforts today. For my first time at making this I am pretty happy with the outcome. Although I have yet to try it. There were several recipes to explore and many are very similar. The one I chose (and I did adapt it a little to suit my quantities)had one cake of pure sunlight soap grated up finely. One and a half cups of both washing soda and baking soda and 500g of Borax. These all get mixed up together and that's it! It is low sudsing so fine for the high efficency washers.
I wash with cold water, however I always disolve washing powder in warm water before adding to a load, so I shall do the same with this.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baby Handkerchief Card

Okay so I am not getting here as often as I hoped. However praise to God that I still am able and enjoy being creative. We all have so many blessings to be thankful for. I am thankful to God that I can share my creations with my friends.
I have since the first time I saw one, liked the cards where a handkerchief formed part of the card, usually a brides gown or ladies dress.
On this card the handkerchief is the babies blanket or wrap. It could also be saved to be a special handkerchief later in the babies life....maybe her wedding.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Gummy Candy ... ok jellies

Sounding a bit American with the candy bit. Had hubby shaking his head tonight as I work with lollies(candies or sweets)all day long then come home and announce I have a recipe I want to try ...for lollies! Gotta love him.
Came across this recipe for gummi candy. The result was more like jellies than gummi bears but anyway it was fun to make. I used a pkt of aeroplane jelly crystals and an equivalent amount of gelatin and a dessertspoon of flavour essence with half a cup of water. simply mix all together then heat and stir until it is all blended and dissolved. Pour into molds and place in freezer for 10 mins. That's it. I have a trial one that I just left to set with out it going in the freezer and it has set well ...just took longer.
I think they turned out well and edible although I would like them just a little sweeter.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Wine glasses decorated with vinyl

These are so easy to make. The vinyl is signage vinyl. I get mine from a place where they make vinyl signs. Sometimes they even have off cuts for the asking. The off cuts are great as these take so little vinyl to make.
The shapes could be cut with the cricut but as they are small I found that using my craft punches made making these super easy.
The vinyl should last a very long time if the glasses are washed carefully.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Handmade Cards

I like to whenever possible make my own cards. They are just so expensive to buy! I also like the personal touch that a hand made card adds.
I also like to make bookmarks. So now I have a way to combine both bookmarks and cards together.
I make a separate bookmark cut and laminate it. then make the card that has a picture almost to size of the bookmark. Once the card is printed then the bookmark is attached to the card on top of the picture. (sorry if that sounds hard to follow).The receiver then is able to remove the bookmark, then use as intended.