Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home made laundry soap

Well here I am again ..almost the start of a new year. We have so many blessings to give thanks and praise to God for. One blessing is being able to share my creative side with family and friends. Today I learnt how to make homemade laundry soap. This was thanks to all the people that pin things on a site called It is an awesome site with a wealth of shared ideas and knowledge.
Here are some pics of my efforts today. For my first time at making this I am pretty happy with the outcome. Although I have yet to try it. There were several recipes to explore and many are very similar. The one I chose (and I did adapt it a little to suit my quantities)had one cake of pure sunlight soap grated up finely. One and a half cups of both washing soda and baking soda and 500g of Borax. These all get mixed up together and that's it! It is low sudsing so fine for the high efficency washers.
I wash with cold water, however I always disolve washing powder in warm water before adding to a load, so I shall do the same with this.

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