Thursday, December 29, 2011

No sew Blanket

Yay no sew! How cool is that. Okay I know...a lot of my family and friends LOVE to sew. Not me ..although I can and have in the past sewn some great things, I have never been able to feel passionate about sewing. So when I discovered this idea it really sparked my interest. I have since found out that this idea has been around a long time..mmm never mind it is now back and I love how these turn out. Also been told that they last for years! Hope so.
This is how it is done. Take two pieces of fleece fabric (make sure selvege or whatever it is called is cut away) the same size. A plain colour and a print work well. Lay them back to back, cut a five inch square from each corner. Cutting this away ensures a nice finish. Then cut one inch wide x 5 inch long strips along each side. Then tie two strips together along each side untill all strips are tied.(a colour and a print strip together)I used a version of a balloon knot (same knot you use when tying balloons) it lays bit flatter than just tying together. Be sure not to pull it too tight.
As it is summer here, there is not a lot of choices in the patterned fleece..must remember to look in the fabric stores when winter arrives.

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  1. Hi Sharyn, I have only just come across your website and love your projects! I may try a few myself. This baby's blanket is fabulous as I am not into sewing either! Fabulous idea.
    Ellie Maggie x